Abby Gogo splits difference between garage rock and shoegaze on free mp3

Everybody and their brother is making music these days, and we mean that literally: last week, we told you about the So So Glos, a Brooklyn band of brothers, a step-brother and a friend. Now we’re listening to Abby Gogo, an Atlanta group that includes twin brothers Bon and Jon Alinson, with an album out this fall. (You can tell they’re a new group, in that they still put their name right across their press photo. Sigh.)

As their publicity material notes, Abby Gogo falls somewhere between garage rock and shoegaze: free song “Louder Than Dreams” features plenty of swirling guitar and moody, reverberating vocals, but there’s a tougher, less contemplative edge that cuts through murk.

The band’s self-titled full-length debut is due Nov. 30 on Double Phantom.

Louder Than Dreams mp3

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