Sub Pop signs AFCGT, plans January release of sludgy, hypnotic label debut

Rather than come up with a new name when they merged a few years ago, Seattle bands A Frames and Climax Golden Twins simply settled on initials and became AFCGT.

They new group has since released a vinyl EP and LP and appeared on a 7-inch compilation, and has cranked out a handful of homemade CD-Rs, too.

Now they’ve signed to Sub Pop, which describes AFCGT as emulating “the decaying soundtrack of an international airport with all the trimmings; accidental runway collisions, air traffic control extremism, unauthorized handling of cargo, and bitching passengers at checkpoint screenings.”

What’s not to love?

In practice, that translates to a hypnotic drone broken up with swaths of noise on “Two Legged Dog,” a free preview from the self-titled album, which is due Jan. 26.

Two Legged Dog mp3

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