Portland trio Alameda gives downcast indie-folk a classical touch on free songs

Why should mopey rockers have all the fun? Alameda brings mopey classical musicians in to the confessional indie-rock genre, swathing folk-leaning songs in the baroque instrumentation of cello and clarinet.

Stirling Myles sings and plays acoustic guitar, with cello by Jessie Dettwiler and clarinet by Jenn Woodall, who plays with the Portland Symphony Orchestra. Friends from other bands, including Horse Feathers, Builders and the Butchers and other regional symphonies, helped Alameda flesh out arrangements on their debut, “Seasons/Spectres,” which came out in March on False Migration Records.

As added enticement, Alameda is giving away a pair of songs from the record, and they’re enticing indeed: Clucking banjo lends “New Leaf” a rustic feel, while downhearted strings envelop Myles’ acoustic guitar and wistful vocals on “Silver Hands.”

New Leaf mp3
Silver Hands mp3

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