Even more Sub Pop: Album Leaf marks 10-year anniversary with Feb. release

Seattle’s Sub Pop label is just cranking out awesome new releases in 2010 with albums by Beach House, Retribution Gospel Choir, AFCGT and now the Album Leaf.

The latter marks a decade together with the release Feb. 2 of “A Chorus of Storytellers,” the band’s sixth album since forming around singer and songwriter Jimmy LaValle in 1998. Although subtracting 1998 from 2010 leaves you with 12, the point is that LaValle began the album, the band’s first since since 2006, around the Album Leaf’s 10 year mark.

And really, who gives a shit about those kinds of milestones? The music is what really matters, and listening to “Falling From the Sun,” the first song from the new record, is pretty clear evidence that the music in this case is as good as, if not better than, ever. There are strings, horns, dreamy guitar arpeggios and LaValle’s voice, all floating above a spare rhythm track, and it’s lovely and a little haunting.

Falling From the Sun mp3

(Photo by Bil Zelman)

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