Archer Black, the band, streams single 'Onward and Down'

Perhaps you’re not aware, but Archer Black is a band, not a person. Press material for the Los Angeles group emphasizes this fact, so we’re just passing along the message.

Even so, behind every band is a person, and the person behind Archer Black, which, as we mentioned, is a band, is Dustin Morgan, who also happens to play bass in the Autumns.

Anyway, Morgan and his bandmates in Archer Black have recorded an album, “Forgiveness is a Weapon,” which comes chock full of what the press notes describe as “love songs disguised as songs about war.”

If that’s not intriguing enough, the first single, “Onward and Down,” ought to seal the deal. Built around spare piano, upright bass and Morgan’s matter-of-fact voice (buoyed on the refrain by startlingly vibrant harmonies), the song broods just so, like an ex-pat war correspondent in the hotel bar too early in the day, or too late at night.

“Onward and Down” is out now on Post Planetary.

Photo by Steve Elkins


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