ARMS readies sophomore LP with free song, 'Fleeced'

It’s one of those mixed blessing things: Todd Goldstein was kicking ass and rocking out in Harlem Shakes and recording the occasional song on the side, and then Harlem Shakes broke up. Bummer, except that Goldstein suddenly had much more time for those occasional songs on the side, which became less occasional as his side project ARMS became both a full band and his main gig.

After having released the totally catchy 2009 debut “Kids Aflame,” ARMS returns in November with the follow-up, “Summer Skills.” Let’s hope the free song, “Fleeced,” is a representative sample. A buzzy, rolling synthesizer anchors the song, which is punctuated with snarling guitar and muscular drums. It’s robust, vibrant and plenty catchy.

ARMS plans to self-release “Summer Skills” Nov. 8.

Photo by James Holland

Fleeced mp3

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