Vivian Girls side project The Babies gives away song from forthcoming debut LP

Because nobody in the hyper-stimulated multi-task generation can sit still for longer than 10 minutes, no one is in just one band anymore.

Hell, there are four side projects among the three members of the Vivian Girls, including singer Cassie Ramone’s other band, The Babies, which she formed early in 2009 with Woods bassist (and Babies guitarist) Kevin Morby.

With Justin Sullivan on drums and Nathan Stark on bass, the foursome played occasional shows and recorded songs when schedules permitted, eventually resulting in the songs on the Babies’ self-titled debut, which is due Feb. 8 on Shrimper.

The band is giving away the first song, “Run Me Over,” a garage-worthy rave-up full of trebly guitar jangle and scratchy vocals soaked in reverb.

Run Me Over mp3

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