Bandana Splits hone stylized girl-group sound on free song from trio's new debut

First off, we’ve always liked Dawn Landes. We also have a fondness for that classic girl-group sound. Put them together in the Bandana Splits and we’re totally smitten.

The trio also featuring Annie Nero and Lauren Balthrop, blending their voices with Landes’ in retro-chic harmonies inspired by the Andrews Sisters and Phil Spector on “Sometimes.” It’s the free song from the Bandana Splits’ new debut, “Mr. Sam Presents the Bandana Splits,” which they’re said to have recorded live around an old RCA ribbon microphone.

If you were as disappointed as we were with the Pipettes’ new disco direction, the Bandana Splits may well be the antidote. Either way, “Sometimes” is catchy as hell. Download the song below, or stream the full album here.

Sometimes mp3

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