Barbie Hatch gives away mp3 from debut LP that took her two years to make

Whoa, sneaky: just when it seems like Barbie Hatch’s song “Stars” is headed to boringsville, it makes an abrupt turn toward awesome.

Hatch, an electro-pop discovery of N.A.S.A. (the music project, not the space program) DJ Squeak E. Clean, got her start collaborating with the Canadian hip-hop group Swollen Members, and has also worked with the RZA and John Frusciante.

Now she lives in Los Angeles (“with a sailor,” says her press material), where she recorded her debut, “Hypertrophic Heart,” due June 28 on Squeak E. Clean’s Spectraphonic label.

“Stars,” the free song, starts with her singing breathy lyrics over an ambient synthesizer thing and brittle-sounding rhythm, and then the whole thing ratchets up a notch into a big, soaring chorus. Well played, Hatch.

Stars mp3

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