Baron Von Luxxury gives disco a spin on 'Last Seduction'

Just when we thought we’d had enough bedroom electro-disco to last the rest of this lifetime — if not several successive lifetimes — Baron Von Luxxury has us thinking maybe we were o’er hasty.

Like everyone else making synth pop music these days, His Lordship is interested (say the press notes) in “the divide between the underground and the pop mainstream,” though unlike a lot of his peers, the man born Blake Robin has worked with artists in both, including HEALTH, “California Gurls” co-writer Bonnie McKee and Marianne Faithfull.

After working in the service of other acts, Baron Von Luxxury has turned his focus on himself, recording a full-length album, “The Last Seduction.” It’s not due until February, on Manimal Vinyl, but he’s giving away the title track, a sleek booty-twitcher of a song with chiming synthesizers, an ’80s-ready pulsing rhythm and Robin’s voice, which is at once tuneful and unfussy.

Also, a bald eagle is about to rip his hand off while a topless woman on an inflatable raft looks on. Now that is decadent, and it sort of reminds us of something Sparks might put on an album cover.

The Last Seduction mp3

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