Brooklyn's Bear Ceuse Previews New Album With Catchy 'Entertain Me'

Photo by Gino DePinto

One of the most frequent attempts at a diss that music writers hear is that any negative review is just a product of jealousy because they’re no good at songwriting. Well suck it, haters: Bear Ceuse sure has a knack for it. The Brooklyn foursome includes music writers Cameron Matthews and Adam Horne, along with Jordan James and Danny Sher.

Hear for yourself on the supremely catchy “Entertain Me,” a free song from Bear Ceuse’s forthcoming record, “Don Domestique,” which they recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn with Patrick Crecelius. The tune glides past, with overdriven guitars crackling over a steady beat and Matthews’ dreamy, murmuring vocals. The album is due Feb. 26 on Medical Records.

Entertain Me mp3

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