New Haven band Beijing launches fundraising campaign for debut LP

After releasing the very good EP “It’s Not So Simple” last fall, New Haven band Beijing is nearly finished recording its full-length debut. All that’s missing is the money to actually release the album.

To that end, Beijing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $3,000, which will pay for producing CDs and “launching a full U.S. press campaign,” which may well mean hiring a publicist to help spread the word. All contributions of $5 or more get an early digital copy of the first song, “Acrobat,” with various other goodies including a special limited-edition t-shirt ($25), a house concert ($500), all the way up to executive producer status if you feel generous enough to front the whole amount.

The band has raised $510 so far, with a deadline of July 20 to come up with the rest. You can contribute here.

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