Dutch trio Bettie Serveert gives away track from ninth album, due in March

After four years away, Dutch indie-rockers Bettie Serveert return March 23 with “Pharmacy of Love” on Second Motion.

It’s the trio’s ninth album overall, and first since “Bare Stripped Naked” in 2006. The band’s publicity material describes a “back-to-basics” approach here, intended to capture the raucous energy of a Bettie Serveert live performance. They seem to have succeeding, if first song “Deny All” is any indication.

That also happens to be the title track on a pre-album EP meant to give you an early taste of what singer/gutiarist Carol van Dyk, guitarist Peter Visser and bassist Herman Bunskoeke have been up to. Also: you can listen to it right here for free.

Deny All mp3

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