Musical collector Big Pauper gives away slacker-funk jam from new LP due 4/26

There are a lot of ways to describe Big Pauper: producer, DJ, visual artist, former manager of an underground hip-hop label. Really, though, the Portland, Ore., musician is a musical collector, judging by the free jam from his latest project, “Beyond My Means.”

With a slow, percussive beat, woozy piano and synthesizers and odd snippets of what sounds like movie dialogue and other found recordings, “Big Sick” is a sort of low-key slacker-funk song. It’s also completely hypnotic.

“Beyond My Means” is due April 26 on Circle Into Square Records, though you can study up via this free copy of Big Pauper’s 2010 EP, “Cops Eat Flowers.”

Big Sick mp3

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