San Francisco electro-trio Birds & Batteries gives away song from new LP

Photo by Matthew Washburn

If their Facebook profile is any guide, Birds & Batteries‘ songs “meld the personal and the cosmic, analog and digital.” We’re not actually sure what that means, but it doesn’t really matter: the San Francisco electro-pop group has built impressive chops, and an increasingly national profile, with a series of LP and EP releases that continues in August with “Stray Light.”

The threesome — Mike Sempert, Jill Heinke and Christopher Walsh — is giving away track 2, “Let the Door Swing,” which layers hazy melodies over gurgling synthesizers and a pulsing rhythm. It’s suitable for dancing, for late-night drinks, for cruising with the windows down on a hot, sunny summer afternoon — whatever you want.

Birds & Batteries releases “Stray Light” on its own Eightmaps label.


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