Blithe Field turns found sounds into hypnotic cut-and-paste instrumentals

Whatever else music does for you, it should make you feel something, and Blithe Field does a nice job of that on the first song from his new LP.

It’s the stage name for 19-year-old Ohioan Spencer Radcliffe, who blends found sounds, field recordings, acoustic guitar and keyboards into hazy instrumentals (with occasional snippets of conversation or dialogue) that are almost a genre unto themselves: part pop, part electronic and wholly engrossing.

On the free song, “Crushing,” guitar arpeggios unfold slowly, enveloped by diaphanous keyboard parts and a measured, thudding beat, with weird snippets at the start of what sounds like puppies yipping, and maybe a dad wrangling a group of little kids at the end. It’s low-key, and lovely.

The album, “Two Hearted,” is due June 28 on Wagga.

Crushing mp3

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