Blue Jean Committee Revives ’70s Northampton Scene, Sort Of


Local news? Kind of. Drag City Records is readying a seven-song release by the Blue Jean Committee, described as “the proud products of the late 70’s Northampton, Massachusetts, music scene.” Gosh, did they know the guys in Clean Living?

Probably not: the Blue Jean Committee is, of course, “Saturday Night Live” alumni Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, who dreamed up the band for a 2011 “SNL” sketch in which they performed “Massachusetts Afternoon” with Jason Segel, Jason Sudeikis and Keenan Thompson. (Drag City released the song as a single in 2014.) More recently, Armisen and Hader have been abetted by former “SNL” colleague Seth Meyers, who featured the Blue Jean Committee this week on “Late Night.” They performed an unholy (but funny) hybrid of Steely Dan and Seals & Croft called “Catalina Breeze,” with a drummer who looks a lot like Garth from “Wayne’s World,” another “SNL” offshoot ( hough surely Dana Carvey has other things to do).

“Catalina Breeze” is the title of the Blue Jean Committee’s upcoming release, which also includes such evocative titles as “Gentle and Soft,” “Mama You’re a Dancer” and “Going Out to Hollywood.” As if an actual record release isn’t enough, the band is also the subject of an upcoming episode of Armisen, Hader and Meyer’s new IFC series “Documentary Now!” “Gentle and Soft: The Story of the Blue Jean Committee,” is the season finale, which airs Sept. 24. “Catalina Breeze” is due Nov. 20 on Drag City.

h/t Take Magazine, via Nerdist, via Consequence of Sound.

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