Blue Skies for Black Hearts hone classic power-pop sound; rescue future of rock

Press material for Portland’s Blue Skies for Black Hearts emphasizes the contrast between the band’s throwback sound — vintage power-pop packed full of lively guitar and punchy drum parts — and the name of the band’s new album, “Embracing the Modern Age.”

Truth be told, though, the foursome’s upbeat songs and irresistible  melodies speak persuasively for themselves.

The band is the latest project for singer and songwriter Pat Kearns, who’s also a producer, having done a turn or two behind the recording console for the Dandy Warhols, The Exploding Hearts and the Clorox Girls, among others. It’s stood him well on “Embracing the Modern Age,” which is due April 19 on Super Big Limited.

What he hasn’t done before is star in a movie, but now that’s happening, too: Blue Skies for Black Hearts is the subject of a short sci-fi film, also called “Embracing the Modern Age,” written by bassist Kelly Simmons and directed by Jon Griffith.

Simmons describes the movie as “sort of in the vein of ‘Help,’ ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park’ and ‘Purple Rain’ all packed into a Monkees episode. Blue Skies saves the future of rock ‘n’ roll from conspiring evil professors, robots and druids, all with an underlying theme of evolution, monkeys, robots and swamp creatures.”

Watch a trailer here, and listen to the effervescent free song, “Majoring in the Arts,” below.

Majoring in the Arts mp3

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