Veteran shoe-gazer Brad Laner preps forthcoming solo LP with free track

Most indie-rock artists are obsessed with demonstrating their authenticity. Not Brad Laner.

The prolific California musician, who’s released dozens of albums under various names including Medicine, Electric Company and Savage Republic, took the opposite approach on “Natural Selections,” his forthcoming second solo LP.

“‘Natural Selections’ is unashamedly all artifice, all pretend, all construction,” he says in press notes for the album. “Now, for me, it’s all about making records in a painstakingly slow fashion, laboring over 5 seconds of music at a time for months on end only to trash it and start all over again ad infinitum or until I’m happy. In between packing lunches.”

You can get a taste of the results on “Eyes Close,” the free single and opening track from the album, which is due Aug. 24 on Hometapes. The tune is unmistakeably a product of precision: every drum hit, layered vocal part, guitar note and synthesizer twinge has been artfully placed just so.

In fact, his attention to detail reminds us a bit of Mantler. See what we mean?

Eyes Close mp3

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