Former punk Brad Senne moves toward indie-folk on song from 'Aerial View' LP

Listening to Brad Senne’s quiet indie-folk(/pop?) songs, it’s hard to believe he used to be hardcore about hardcore, fronting the Twin Cities-area band Picturesque in the late ’90s and signing to Trustkill Records.

Or maybe it’s not so hard to believe: hardcore seems to require a surplus of youthful rage and energy, and when those things burn off (or the punk in question grows up a little), there’s a deeper, arguably richer well of emotion to draw from in quiet songs that burn like grinding a lit cigarette into the palm of your hand.

Senne’s “Golden” is that kind of song. He murmurs his lyrics over a finger-picked acoustic guitar part, low strings hovering in the background. The tune is from his 2009 album “Aerial View,” which was just re-released with added instrumentation on some songs.

Golden mp3

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