Brent Amaker Reveals Robot Tendencies on New Project, Android Amaker

There was always a chance Brent Amaker was an android: that rumbling baritone, the stylized western-style songs, the aura of pure badassness, all of it seemed somehow extra-human. The mask comes off on the Seattle singer’s new project, Android Amaker. It’s an electronic collaboration with fellow Pacific Northwesterners Vox Mod and P Smoov, set in the future “after the inception of integrated A.I. and the explosion of the sun.” Dark times, haha. Amaker, having uploaded his consciousness to a machine, finds himself throwing down extraterrestrial whiskeys (his term, but we’d drink that) in the far reaches of space, where he recorded “I’m the One.” Listen, Dammit premieres the song today.

With buzzing synthesizers and a jittery beat framing Amaker’s voice, the tune sounds like Ziggy-era David Bowie sparring with Kraftwerk while Max Headroom does color commentary. The track, due April 15 on iTunes, is part of a larger multimedia project that includes a forthcoming album, visual and fashion components and an “autobiography” that Android Amaker recommends for “fans of robots and westerns.”

The introduction to the autobiography cites inventor and futurist Raymond Kurzweil as an inspiration, particularly for a 2011 Time magazine story about him with the headline “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal.” Amaker writes that reading the story on a flight to Seattle from his native Oklahoma was a “pivotal moment.”  He continues, “It would lead me on an adventure that I would not have predicted. It would become an obsession and dominate my life. And my life would transform from what I once knew as life into something different. Something I cannot explain with words. It would lead me on a quest for immortality. It would ultimately change my identity and the universe would know me as Android Amaker. Not human, but immortal. The One.”

I’m the One mp3

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