Brent Amaker wishes you 'A Very Brent Amaker Christmas'

We’re not saying this is the Christmas song we’ve been waiting our whole lives for, but — wait, actually, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

Brent Amaker, the baddest badass to rock a cowboy hat and cover Kraftwerk, brings tidings of joy with “A Very Brent Amaker Christmas,” a song he put together with Portland producer Jeff Stuart Saltzman, who — get this — owns the synthesizer that Kraftwerk used for “Pocket Calculator.” Obviously, then, Amaker was destined to work with Saltzman, and the song they worked on is, well, very Brent Amaker. About Christmas.

He intones aphorisms encapsulating the spirit of the season, over a steady chugging western beat overlaid with sleigh bells and gurgling synthesizer parts. Read more here about Amaker’s philosophy of life, and listen to “A Very Brent Amaker Christmas” below.

A Very Brent Amaker Christmas mp3

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