Brent Amaker & the Rodeo westernize Kraftwerk on 'Pocket Calculator' cover

Everybody’s covering Kraftwerk these days. OK, fine, two acts: Damien Jurado and Richard Swift put a version of “Radioactivity” on their free album, “Other People’s Songs,” in August. Now Brent Amaker & the Rodeo turn in a totally killer version of “Pocket Calculator” — think Johnny Cash, if he had been obsessed with Krautrock.

Amaker, of course, is the badass Seattle western singer we told you about in August, and his rumbling baritone voice and affinity for foreboding cowboy music makes for a riveting contrast with the bleep-blorp aesthetic of Kraftwerk, the pioneering German synthpop band.

The song is not on Amaker’s new album, “Please Stand By,” which is out next week (look for a 3 Facts interview in the next few days), but there was hardly room, given the strength of the dozen songs already there.

Pocket Calculator (link no longer works, but the song is available here.)

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