Brent Amaker & the Rodeo cover Ric Ocasek's 'I Can't Wait'

Just when you’d finally gotten Brent Amaker & the Rodeo’s cover of “Pocket Calculator” out of your head, the Seattle Western combo is back with a twangified version of “I Can’t Wait,” a long-since forgotten song from Ric Ocasek’s 1982 solo album “Beatitude.”

Amaker stumbled upon the song while rummaging through his new-wave LPs while entertaining at home one night after the band’s 2011 European tour, and something clicked.

“Nothing I had previously heard on this record seemed even slightly remarkable,” the baritone-voiced badass says in a press release. “But suddenly, I heard magic. I believe that this was one of those unique moments in space and time. I was meant to see and hear the beauty in this song.”

Now you can hear it, too: Spark & Shine has put out his version of “I Can’t Wait” as a single while they gear up for the release this fall of Amaker and the Rodeo’s new album, “Year of the Dragon.” (And how awesome is that?)

The Ocasek cover isn’t on new the album — “It exists only because I told myself to make it so,” says Amaker, who once told us 3 Facts — but maybe it can be the crutch that helps you hobble along until “Year of the Dragon” is available this fall.

Photo by Johnny Podhradsky


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