Bridges and Powerlines previews new LP with super-catchy free song, 'Mirabell'

What could be more musically inviting than “optimist fuzz pop?” That’s how Brooklyn band Bridges and Powerlines refers to its music, including (one presumes) the songs on the group’s forthcoming sophomore album.

It’s certainly an apt description of “Mirabell,” the free tune from “Eve,” which is due Jan. 18. It’s a song of understated effervescence, built around layers of keyboards, a simple, sturdy beat and a catchy melodic hook alternating between piano and guitar. Add vocals that build in loose spirals and you’ve got a song you’ll be hardpressed not to listen to a dozen times in a row.

The group, formed in 2005, has one previous full-length, 2008’s “Ghost Types,” along with a self-titled EP in 2006.

Mirabell mp3

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