The British Public muses on bear attacks and breast size on new two-song single

First, The British Public is a terrific band name. Even better, the Cambridge group makes music that’s just as quirky as you’d hope.

The band, founded by front man Robert Gregory, this week released a double A-side single featuring the laconic songs “Bears” and “Breasts.”

Each is about exactly what the title suggests: bears, and breasts. The former, a low-key rocker, seems to ponder the implications of an ursine onslaught interrupting band practice. The latter dials up the jangle as Gregory drolly wonders whether breast size is generally increasing, or if it’s his (apparently vivid) imagination.

The songs hint at the sound of a forthcoming self-titled debut LP, due at some as yet unspecified point in the near future on Tip Top Recordings.

Bears mp3

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