British Sea Power fills fifth LP, 'Valhalla Dancehall,' with lush, cinematic songs

Working on the theory that recording in different places helps keep things fresh, British Sea Power made its latest album, “Valhalla Dancehall” (Rough Trade), in a rustic farmhouse in the English countryside.

Still sounds like British Sea Power, though, on lush, deeply textured songs that build skyward. There’s a sweeping, cinematic scope here, abetted by epic guitars, atmospheric keyboards and murmury vocals swathed in reverb.

The quiet bits are broken up by pulsing rockers: there’s a spray of aggressive guitars on opener “Who’s In Control,” and the jockeying for position of squealing guitar and squelching keyboards on “Stunde Null.” It makes for a potent blend of muscle and soul from a band that’s always digging deeper.

Photo by Dan Dennison

Who’s in Control mp3

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