Broken Gold gives away song from new album based on recovery from accident

Confession: Listen, Dammit, has never even been to Denton, Texas. Doesn’t mean we don’t love Denton bands, though, as illustrated by our frequent posts about them. Today’s group is Broken Gold, a side project for Riverboat Gamblers guitarist Ian MacDougall. (Though Broken Gold seems to be based in Austin, the Riverboat Gamblers are part of the Denton scene, so we’ll count Broken Gold, too.)

The band released an album earlier this month, and the title, “Recovery Journal,” is a literal description of what’s happening here: for some of these songs, MacDougall drew from a journal he kept while recovering from a 2009 accident when he was struck by a car while bicycling home, resulting in his hospitalization with major injuries.

Though it was dicey for a while, he’s obviously recovered, as the free song, “Ambulance Faces,” demonstrates: MacDougall sings in a voice thick with emotion over pounding drums and churning guitars. It’s catchy, yes, and also more than a little inspiring.

Photo by Autumn Spadaro

Ambulance Faces mp3

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