Tulsa's Broncho cranks it up on 'Can't Get Past the Lips' LP

We got a tip to check out Tulsa band Broncho, and our tipster (JD McPherson, if you must know) was right: these guys kick ass.

Broncho plays full-throttle rock ‘n’ roll with sweaty abandon on its 10-song, 20-minute (!) 2011 debut, “Can’t Get Past the Lips,” which takes the sounds and attitudes of punk and underground rock from the past 35 years and makes them sound revelatory. “Try Me Out Sometime” is a particular standout, with skinned-knee guitar ringing out over lockstep bass and drums that barrel along at exhilarating speed.

“Record Store” takes a different tack, dialing in a loose garage-rock sound that dissolves into a chaotic wash of guitars in the middle, while “Psychiatrist” is 2 minutes of churning punk. Listen to the whole record via the embedded version below (several of the songs are available for free download, just click through), or buy yourself a copy on vinyl here before they’re gone.

Photo by Michael Cooper


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