Carol Bui applies new hobbies to songs on forthcoming third album, 'Red Ship'

For a lot of people, hobbies taken too far can get in the way. For Carol Bui, a pair of new hobbies fit right in.

The Tacoma singer and songwriter delved into playing the drums and to learning Middle Eastern dance, each of which colors her forthcoming third album, “Red Ship.” She played all the drums on it, for one thing, and strove to capture in her music “the primitive means of expressing joy” that people relied on before the advent of what she calls “sophisticated instruments.”

You can hear each on “Geisha Means Open Minded,” the second free song from “Red Ship.” Bui plays battering-ram drums topped with busy polyrhythmic percussion, and sings a sinewy melody in a clear, powerful voice. Same deal on the first free tune, “Mira: You’re Free With Me,” which puts muscular guitar atop a thick bed of rhythm. Quite frankly, it’s awesome.

“Red Ship” is due March 8 on Ex Oh Records.

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Geisha Means Open Minded mp3
Mira: You’re Free With Me mp3

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