[The] Caseworker returns with song from dreamy new LP

After what the band calls an “accidental hiatus,” [The] Caseworker returns this month with its third album, “Letters From the Coast.”

The shoegazey group, formerly of San Francisco, had difficulty with logistics following the release of its 2006 album, “When I Was a Young King,” when the three members (for some reason, only Eimer Devlin, left, and Conor Devlin are pictured) up and moved around the world. When the dust settled in 2009, the band reconvened to record “Letters From the Coast.”

It’s a little more robust than the band’s previous work, which isn’t saying a ton: [The] Caseworker’s 2003 debut, “These Weeks Should Be Remembered,” was so quiet it was barely audible. This time, they amp up the dynamics a bit, resulting in an album that glides by like a sleek dream. Free song “National Runner” blends icy guitars and plangent bass to envelop distant, droning vocals, and the sound is hypnotic.

“Letters From the Coast” is due Sept. 20 on Hidden Shoal Recordings.

National Runner mp3

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