Named for ex-lover, DC's Casper Bangs recounts highs and lows of love

Naming your band after an ex-lover is a ballsy thing to do, so give credit to Rob Pierangeli.

The Washington D.C. singer and guitarist records as Casper Bangs, the former paramour who inspired many of the songs on a self-titled EP, a 7-inch called “Whitespace” and a forthcoming full-length album, “I Woke Up.” Pierangeli describes the Casper Bangs as “a trip through the joys and downers of loving and being loved.”

That comes through on “The Other Half.” A speedy bass line and spiky guitars frame turbulent lyrics seemingly about the arc, and aftermath, of a relationship. The “Whitespace” 7-inch came out Dec. 1, and is available here (along with the EP). “I Woke Up” is due in early 2010.

The Other Half mp3

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