Slow-core trio Codeine gives away previously unreleased track from forthcoming Numero Group anthology

Numero Group, the Chicago label known for lavish archival releases of weird, largely forgotten soul tunes, turns its attention to alt-rock June 19 when it collects the catalog of early ’90s band Codeine into a retrospective called “When I See the Sun.”

Codeine was an influential part of slow-core movement that included Low and American Analog Set, though the New York trio had a relatively slim discography: two LPs and an EP, all released on Sub Pop in the U.S.

The anthology collects all of it, along with plenty of bonus material, including the previously unreleased song “Median,” recorded in 1994 for a Peel Session. It’s moody and glacial, with dark brooding guitars and lethargic, despressive vocals from singer Stephen Immerwahr.


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