Communist Daughter a fresh start for Friends Like These leader John Solomon

The sad truth is, the drugs part of the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” equation doesn’t usually work out so well. It didn’t for John Solomon, who returns to music after a three-year hiatus that stemmed from addiction problems and jail stints.

Solomon, formerly of Friends Like These, moved from Minneapolis to small-town Wisconsin to start anew, and ended up starting a new band. Communist Daughter sprung up when Solomon realized that he wasn’t ready to quit music forever. He brought together Steve Yasgar, the former drummer of The Swiss Army and Roma di Luna; Jonathan Blaseg of The Blinds; and former Friends Like These comrade Adam Switlick with new collaborator Molly Moore and made a record, “Soundtrack to the End.”

Out earlier this month on Grain Belt Records, the album also features contributions from various Twin Cities musicians, including former Son Volt member Dave Boquist. Communist Daughter gave away the song “Not the Kid,” a lean indie-rock song with a strong beat and understated vocal harmonies on lyrics with a redemptive streak.

Not the Kid mp3

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