Communist Daughter tells Spinner about new EP, ‘Lions & Lambs’

Photo by Stephanie Colgan

When I first wrote about Minneapolis band Communist Daughter for Listen, Dammit, back in 2010, I made a mean-spirited comment about former Son Volt member Dave Boquist, who contributed to Communist Daughter’s breathtaking debut, “Soundtrack to the End.” It didn’t take long for singer Johnny Solomon to send me an e-mail saying he didn’t appreciate it the crack about Boquist. He was right that it was a cheap shot, so I changed it, which resulted in an email exchange that culminated in Solomon offering to answer a few interview questions, some of which were about his apparent newfound sobriety.

But he wasn’t yet sober, he told me two years later when we finally connected on this story for Spinner, and some of those questions must have seemed unanswerable at the time. This time around, he’s been clean for a year and a half, and he was thoughtful, honest and a tad wry in talking about the band, its new EP “Lions & Lambs,” and what the future may hold.

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