Ex-Sleater-Kinney singer Corin Tucker readies release from new self-titled band

Carrie Brownstein may hold out hope for a Sleater-Kinney reunion, but singer and guitarist Corin Tucker seems plenty busy these days fronting her own new eponymous  group.

Four years after announcing a Sleater-Kinney “hiatus,” the Corin Tucker Band is slated to release its debut, “1,000 Years,” Oct. 5 on Kill Rock Stars. As you might expect, the group (also featuring Sara Lund from Unwound and Seth Lorinczi of the Golden Bears) sounds, well, sort of like Sleater-Kinney on the free single, “Doubt.”

Credit Tucker’s distinctive, strident voice and the thick, barreling guitar part that anchors the song. More of this sound can’t come fast enough.

Doubt mp3

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