Indie-folk duo Cotton Jones gives away mp3 from new album due in August

Although the members of Cotton Jones relocated last year to Georgia from their native Maryland, songs on the duo’s forthcoming album stem from the environs they  left behind.

Core members Michael Nau (the founder of folk-pop band Page France) and Whitney McGraw play indie-folk songs steeped in an old-timey sensibility. They’ve been on the road much of the past year, touring behind last year’s “Paranoid Cocoon” album, before settling in Georgia to write and record songs for their latest, “Tall Hours in the Glowstream,” which is due Aug. 24 on Suicide Squeeze.

The Glowstream in the title refers to a little waterway between North and South Cumberland in Maryland.

“We spent a lot of time on the bank of that stream — alone, together, gathered like a flock of birds, examining the next move,” Nau says in the band’s press material. “Many of the tunes on this record feel like Cumberland to me. When I’m there, it’s like a dream — all familiar sound and light, where the factories and birds sing the same song.”

Maybe that song sounds like “Glorylight and Christie,” which the band is giving away?

Glorylight and Christie mp3

Photo by Todd Roeth

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