Crooked Fingers to release six new cover tunes on 'Reservoir Songs Volume II'

“Miscarriage of justice” might be overstating things slightly, but it’s a shame that Crooked Fingers has never broken through to significant mainstream success. In a perfect world, singer, songwriter and front man Eric Bachmann would headline packed theaters and be the subject of fawning profiles in The New York Times.

He’s doing neither, and it’s music’s loss as much as his.

Bachmann, formerly of Archers of Loaf, is a terrific writer of highly literate, stick-in-your-head tunes — for example, Crooked Fingers’ 2005 album, “Dignity and Shame,” concerned the Franco-era romance between the legendary Spanish bullfighter Manolete and actress Lupe Sino, and five years later, the opening piano notes of “Twilight Creeps” still raise chills.

Like many excellent songwriters, Bachmann is also a fan of songwriting, which he demonstrated on the 2002 EP “Reservoir Songs,” a five-track selection of covers by the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Neil Diamond and Bruce Springsteen.

Now Bachmann returns with a second volume, due this summer and featuring tunes by Merle Haggard, Moby Grape, Thin Lizzy, the Kinks and a gorgeous version of John Hartford’s “Gentle On My Mind.”

Bachmann and Foreign Leisure Records are releasing the six-song EP only as a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl record and digital download, funded through fan donations via Kickstarter. They’ve already raised $1,600 more than their target goal of $5,000, but any additional funds go toward paying for the next Crooked Fingers album.

There are various levels of support, from $6 for a digital download to $2,500 for a download, vinyl and Crooked Fingers (in duo form) performing a concert in your living room for you and as many of your friends as you care to invite.

Gentle On My Mind mp3

Photo by Rod Blackhurst

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