Crushed Stars gives away pair of rainy- day songs from forthcoming third LP

It seems likely that henceforth, Crushed Stars will be known as the band that did that downhearted cover of Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” earlier this year (listen here). That’s good in that Crushed Stars will be known for something, and rueful because there’s so much more to the band — three albums’ worth of more, counting the LP due Nov. 16.

The name Crushed Stars is the musical persona of Portland, Ore., singer and songwriter Todd Gautreau. He released his debut, “Obsolescence,” in 2006 and followed it up two years later with “Gossamer Days,” a record that received glowing reviews in the indie-rock press.

Crushed Stars’ latest, “Convalescing In Braille,” collects songs that have the air of a deep sigh on a rainy day. Gautreau sings softly behind a mix of acoustic guitar, sepia piano and brushed drums on “Black Umbrella,” the more spacious of a pair of free songs. On the other, “Eyeliner,” a claustrophobic guitar part repeats as other instruments and Gautreau’s voice swirl around over it.

They’re powerful tracks, ready for the listening whenever you’re finished with the Nena cover.

Photo by N. Weeks

Black Umbrella mp3
Eyeliner mp3

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