Crystal Swells gives away mp3 from chaotic trash-surf tape

Don’t the members of Crystal Swells know that all the “crystal” band names were a big thing two years ago? We’ll forgive their tardiness, though, on the strength of “Patent Trolls,” the free song from the Vancouver foursome’s limited-edition cassette release with the brilliant name “Goethe Head Soup.”

The song is a noisy, jarring tune full of woozy bass, scratchy, echoing vocals and barely tuned guitars, with a little riff that circles around your frontal lobe for quite a while after you first hear it. Some of the other tracks on “Goethe Head Soup” (seriously, that is a ridiculously great title) have a more chaotic trash-surf vibe ā€” “Waco, Wasilla, Waikiki” features a guitar solo that spills over into ear-shredding white noise ā€” but all of it’s hypnotically catchy.

Eat your heart out, Wavves.

Patent Trolls mp3

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