Dale Earnardt Jr. Jr.: more than just a catchy name. The music is great, too

Listen, Dammit, has a fondness for band names that incorporate other artists’ names: Ringo Deathstarr, for example, or (and we know this one’s not real) Kathleen Turner Overdrive. So it’s a given that we like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., too.

The Detroit duo, whose members count themselves as fans of their NASCAR racing namesake, makes quirky alt-pop music with colorful synthesizers mixed with guitars and layers of vocals. The band’s sound is sometimes described as a weird combination of hip-hop and folk, but there’s no need to categorize it. Just listen.

To that end, you can download “Nothing But Our Love” right here in exchange for an e-mail address: yours, a friend’s, your CEO’s, whatever. Also, check out “Vocal Chords” via Stereogum.

What’s YOUR favorite band whose name incorporates another artist’s?

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