Brooklyn's Dalton gives away bedroom-pop single from EP

Most of the one-person bedroom musical projects we’ve heard lately have titled toward electro (or glow-pop or chillwave or whatever), but Dalton has more of a pop and rock ‘n’ roll sensibility on “Breaker,” the free song from a self-titled debut EP.

No surprise there: Dalton mastermind Nate Harar also plays in the indie-rock band Sugar, It’s Eli (and in the electro-funk outfit Swetpanther). Dalton is his first solo project, and he recorded guitar, bass, synthesizers and drums in his Brooklyn apartment on songs influenced by the Pixies, Davie Bowie and Talking Heads.

It’s a catchy combination on “Breaker,” a melodic tune with chiming guitar and tousled vocals over a powerful rhythm part.


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