Damien Jurado gives away stunning 'Museum of Flight'

First, we can’t believe it’s going on two years already since Damien Jurado released the very good “Saint Bartlett.” Second, we’re just floored by how great his new song is.

“Museum of Flight” is the free song from his forthcoming album “Maraqopa.” Jurado sings at the top of his vocal range, reaching now and then into falsetto for an effect at once fragile and riveting. The spare acoustic guitar arrangement that carries the first verse blossoms into a spine-tingling blend of tremolo guitar licks, scratchy lo-fi organ and an effects-treated piano fill. Just beautiful.

“Maraqopa” is available digitally today via Secretly Canadian, which is offering various physical configurations with all kinds of bonus stuff. Check out the options here.

Photo by Sarah Jurado

Damien Jurado “Museum of Flight” by DOJAGSC

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