Damien Jurado and Richard Swift give away ‘spontaneous' new covers album

OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS – Volume One – Performed by Damien Jurado & Richard Swift by Richard Swift

Things apparently went well when Damien Jurado enlisted Richard Swift to produce his new album, “Saint Barlett” — so well, in fact, that the pair has recorded “Other People’s Songs,” an album of covers they’re giving away online for free.

The 9-song tracklist includes versions of “Be Not So Fearful” by Bill Fay, “Sweetness” by Yes, “Follow Me” by John Denver and “Radioactivity” by Kraftwerk. Now that’s variety, and it shows that a good song is, quite simply, a good song, be it Denver’s or the Fleetwoods’ “Outside My Window.”

Jurado and Swift recorded the songs Aug. 21-22, with both men singing. Jurado also played guitar and percussion, and Swift played guitar, bass, drums and various keyboards.

“These recordings came about spontaneously, and we wanted to share them in the same manner,” the pair writes, before dropping a hint of songs to come: “Look for another one around Winter time.”

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