Austin's Dana Falconberry gives away mp3, readies for SXSW and spring tour

There’s more to cool new music than jittery indie-rock. There’s also Dana Falconberry.

The Austin, Texas, singer and songwriter has a captivating voice on songs with a spare, rootsy feel. She cites the influence of, and has been compared to, the likes of Lucinda Williams and Gillian Welch, and while there are some surface similarities, Falconberry doesn’t really sound like either. Actually, she reminds us a little bit of Amy Allison, Mose’s daughter.

Really, though, Falconberry is a presence all her own. Her songs have a warm dust-speck-in-the-afternoon-sunlight feeling, and her voice is pure and crystalline. And no, that’s not laying it on too thick: just listen to “Nightingale.” It’s from “Halletts,” her new album, which came out in January.

If you’re headed to SXSW, Falconberry is performing five times. If you’re not, she hits the road with her new band for a spring tour. Dates are here.

Nightingale mp3

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