Montreal singer Daniel Isaiah gives away restless title track from moody solo debut, 'High Twilight'

Moody singer-songwriters have a special place in our curmudgeonly hearts, and Daniel Isaiah fits the bill.

Formerly of the Montreal band Shoot the Moon, Isaiah (full name Daniel Isaiah Schachter) today releases his solo debut, “High Twilight,” on Secret City. It’s a subdued, dusky album of songs at once intimate and spacious, with rootsy flourishes here and there that accentuate his clear and expressive voice.

The free song, which happens to be the title track, is representative as Isaiah sings with restless agitation over dimly gleaming electric guitar, far-away accents on pedal steel and a dusty, dry kick drum. The effect is haunting and feverish, like a hot wind swirling through the inky hours between midnight and dawn. Listen to the complete album via Spinner.

Photo by Jamie Rosen

High Twilight mp3

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