David Wax Museum gives away folk song banned 245 years ago by Catholic Church

Confession: Enough people can’t shut up about how great David Wax Museum is that we’ve been a little skeptical. It’s like that one friend who keeps talking about how much you’re going to love the movie they just saw — and then of course it can’t live up to the hype.

Helping the band’s cause here at LDWHQ is the fact that the Boston group has adapted English lyrics to “Chuchumbé,” a Mexican folk song the Catholic Church’s Spanish Inquistion banned in 1766 for being too sexually suggestive and “offensive to pious ears.” Any folk song that offends overly pious ears is OK by us.

(In a beautiful bit of irony, the lyrics to “Chuchumbé” were long thought lost — until they popped up 25 years ago in a Church archive, where they had been secreted as proof of the tune’s salacious wickedness.)

Anyway, given David Wax Museum’s mix of Latin rhythm and raucous call-and-response vocals, the song (part of the traditional Son Jarocho music of Veracruz) was a natural choice for the band’s forthcoming album “Everything is Saved,” due Feb. 8. (That’s Wax above at right, with fiddler/singer Suz Slezak.)

Photo by Erik Jacobs/Anthem Multimedia

Chuchumbé mp3

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