Together just 3 months, L.A. duo Dazzle Ships releases 'experimental pop' EP

If we read the press material right, we’re pretty sure it said that Dazzle Ships formed around the beginning of this year, and has already landed on a bill with Memory Tapes at a sold-out show in Los Angeles. That’s fast even by the lightning-quick standards of the digital age.

Thing is, you’d never guess that a) Tyler Haran, 20, and Hatii De Leon, 18, had only been together as a band for three months, or b) that they’re 20 and 18 years old. The pair has expressed a desire to make “experimental pop” music that triangulates David Bowie, Brian Eno and the Cocteau Twins.

That’s an appropriate enough description for “Least Resistance,” the title track of their four-song debut EP, out Tuesday on Family Time Records. Haran intones reverberating, robot-like lyrics over a simple beat, flat bass and knife-like guitars, while De Leon adds distant backing vocals. It’s an unsettling sound, but it’s also compelling.

Least Resistance mp3

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