Montreal trio Desert Owls plays fierce, full-throttle rock ’n' roll on debut EP

It would be tempting to ascribe cutesy motives to Desert Owls for naming their debut EP “who?” but there’s nothing cutesy about the Montreal trio.

Fierce is more like it.

Desert Owls plays rough-edged rock with an amped-up garage vibe on the 5-song EP,  a pell-mell collection packed full of scalding guitar riffs that tumble over caustic, throat-shredding vocals. A shockwave of guitar blares through the opening title track, and you’d swear the singer is about to cough up blood when he shrieks at the end of “Rockettt Kicker,” which rides a terse, churning guitar riff.

It’s explosive stuff: these rock ’n’ roll reprobates deliver loud, insolent stompers with such complete abandon that by the end of the 12-minute EP, Desert Owls has definitively answered the question posed in the title. “Who?” indeed.

who? mp3

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