Dex Romweber Duo returns 7/26 with new 14-song LP, 'Is That You in the Blue?'

Cool: The Dex Romweber Duo next month releases a new album, “Is That You in the Blue?” Cooler: This time, it’s just the duo, blasting through 38 minutes of taut garage-surf-rockabilly ravers.

The last release, “Ruins of Berlin,” featured some special guests, and while we liked the album — and fully understand how the presence of someone like Neko Case can boost the profile of the criminally overlooked Dex, who’s been badass since he was half of the Flat Duo Jets — there’s a visceral power that flows from Dex and sister Sara, as their live show amply demonstrates.

There’s no free mp3 available yet (fingers crossed for the surfy instrumental “Gurdjieff Girl”), so the video above will have to do for now. “Is That You in the Blue?” is due July 26 on Bloodshot.

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